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DLI Member Quotes

Mattermap door 27 februari 2017

What Members Love About DLI

  • School of Drycleaning Technology

    • “I became a member of the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute to learn how to clean, press, and finish garments and learn how to dry clean them…I’ve come from India to the U.S. at the DLI for the training because primarily it is comprehensive and it teaches you everything right from the basics of cleaning a garment, finishing it, presenting it back to the customer, and it’s comprehensive. It’s three weeks of training so you move progressively from the basics in the first week to more complex procedures in the subsequent weeks.” ...»
      Ashish Merchant Dakota Drycleaners India Bron:
    • "I can't imagine someone investing such a large amount of money in an industry and not attending DLI's School."
      Alan Hargis A Cleaner Tomorrow Drycleaner & Laundry Angier, North Carolina Bron:
    • “I tell people who are new to the business to take to the three-week general course. DLI has all these resources, from boiler maintenance to pressing to stain removal to customer service. It can help anybody run a business.” ...»
      David Suber Perfect Cleaners Los Angeles, California Bron:
  • Access to Drycleaning Information

    • “DLI members have resources and people to call, people to talk to, resources non-members don’t have that help them succeed. There are bulletins you can hand straight to your customer that explain all sorts of issues that come up. Members can always find out anything industry-related they need to know. I don’t have any idea what a drycleaner would do without that access. They could try to learn it all on their own, but accumulating that sort of experience would take a lifetime.” ...»
      Gary Greenholt The Palms Drycleaning Hanover, Pennsylvania Bron:
    • “We have a number of cleaning plants and a lot of experience on our team, but there always comes something that we need a little extra help with. Knowing we can just pick up the phone and call and get a good recommendation saves us from messing up a garment, and we really appreciate the help.” ...»
      Norman Way Puritan Cleaners Richmond, Virginia Bron:
    • “Thanks again to DLI for being there when I had a question. Membership doesn’t cost. It pays.”
      Kevin Burditt Block System Cleaners Bron:
    • “Online access to TABS and technical information gives us an advantage over competitors.”
      Allan Cripe Valet Cleaners Temple, Texas Bron:
    • "I asked my customer service employee how much she uses the Drycleaning Encyclopedia, and she uses it two to three times a month. It helps her deal with claims. She will print out an entry and send it to the customer with the garment when she needs to explain a problem. And at the same time, we look good because we’ve done our research.” ...»
      Bobby Patel Kona Cleaners Orange, California Bron:
    • “The ability to access the wealth of information DLI offers, through so many channels, is invaluable. Sometimes, you need to talk to a live person; other times, you just want to educate yourself. I find myself accessing the online Drycleaning Encyclopedia constantly.” ...»
      J.T. Hampton Fireweek Cleaners Anchorage, Alaska Bron:
  • Professionalism

    • “Being a member of DLI has increased my professionalism. I am now a professional drycleaner. I use that all the time on my customers by bringing out DLI literature. I use their TAB bulletins when I’m discussing a garment. All of a sudden, my customers realize, “ ‘This guy knows what he’s talking about. He has some backing here.’ ” ...»
      Russell Kaplan Owner of ZIPS Drycleaners Bron:
    • “Membership gives the cleaner credibility as the expert. You can provide validity to your position, and show that you have resources if something goes wrong. That has huge value.”
      David Machesney Pratt-Abbott Cleaners Westbrook, Maine Bron:
    • “When you tell somebody you’re part of the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute, it’s something that’s instantly recognized that you’re higher caliber than a lot of other cleaners. It’s something that says ‘we’re a drycleaner who’s serious about doing drycleaning the right way.” ...»
      Norman Way Puritan Cleaners Richmond, Virginia Bron:
    • “I’m a Certified Environmental Drycleaner. I think it’s important for the general public to know that you’re at least concerned about those things. It becomes part of your name. When they see my business card they constantly ask, “What’s the CED?” So, it usually starts a conversation about what we do to protect the environment. They’re always thankful that I care.” ...»
      Gary Greenholt The Palms Drycleaning Hanover, PA Bron:
    • “DLI makes our business stand out and helps us look more like an elite drycleaner. Several of our team members are Certified Professional Drycleaners. That gives us a huge separation and raises the level of awareness and professionalism DLI can bring to the industry.’ " ...»
      David Clokey Admiral Cleaners Annapolis, MD Bron:
    • “DLI is the voice of the regular drycleaner—where we can go, as one, to get problems solved. In California, for example, we had an issue where wastewater was illegally dumped in the state, and the state came after drycleaners, who didn’t do anything wrong. If there is no association, there is no way to fight problems like this.” ...»
      Bobby Patel Kona Cleaners Orange, California Bron:
  • Silver Membership

    • “[Silver membership is] the best bang for your buck. For most of us in the industry this level hits the ‘sweet spot’ for our needs and budget.”
      Allan Cripe, CED®, CPD® Valet Cleaners Temple, Texas Bron:
    • “Silver offers a good cross-section of services. I’m a smaller operation, but there are some features of Silver that wrapped it up for me,” such as the Monday Morning Marketing e-mail. “I’m a big advocate of industry support, and belonging to an industry association is very important.” ...»
      Lynnette Watterson Crystal Cleaning Center San Mateo, California Bron:
    • “It gives me access to what I need. “Even if you use just the two free [garment] analyses, it will save you money—and then you get access to all of the other stuff. It’s affordable, and it makes you look more professional. If you use everything, it’s really worthwhile.” ...»
      Bobby Patel Kona Cleaners Orange, California Bron:
    • “The Silver level offers great benefits while keeping always-tight budgets in mind. There is so much information, from upper-management tips to processes and everything in-between. Heads Up! is my go-to reading during lunchtime. I feel like the articles are directed to me and my current happenings at work.” ...»
      J.T. Hampton Fireweed Cleaners Anchorage, Alaska Bron:
  • Stain Removal App

    • “We use the Stain Solver app, [which] allows me to turn an inexperienced spotter into a better-than-average-spotter immediately, and instantly increases professionalism.”
      Allan Cripe Valet Cleaners Temple, Texas Bron:
    • “I don’t know how you could get the interface to be much simpler. If we have a stain we’ve identified, and there’s a question whether to go at it on the acid or alkaline side, it’s easy to come up with the answer.” ...»
      Michael Nesbitt MW Cleaners Spring, Texas Bron:
    • “Even at the counter, if someone asks you a question, you can pull up the TABS and show it to them or email it to them. If you’re spotting in the back, you can pull it up and say, ‘Here’s the fabric and the stain.’ It’s a quick reference, and you can use it without going to the computer." ...»
      Gary Maloney Nu Yale Cleaners Jeffersonville, Indiana Bron:
  • International Textile Analysis Laboratory

    • “The customer is always right—until the customer claims you shrank five of their suits and demands you replace all five. You know they didn’t shrink, but you have to prove it while being respectful. Having the backup of DLI garment analysis gives me confidence that my business will not be tarnished by unfair or untrue allegations.” ...»
      J.T. Hampton Fireweed Cleaners Anchorage, Alaska Bron:
    • “It gives the cleaner credibility as the expert. You can provide validity to your position, and show that you have resources if something goes wrong. That has huge value. We try to treat people fairly, but it’s not the money—it's the credibility it builds with customers, and hopefully with the boutiques in your area.” ...»
      David Machesney Pratt-Abbott Cleaners Westbrook, Maine Bron:
    • "[The lab’s analyses] have helped us save thousands of dollars over the years on claims we shouldn’t have paid. But it’s also helped us to be able to take care of customers when we find out that it was our fault, and we were able to learn from that.” ...»
      Norman Way Puritan Cleaners Richmond, Virginia Bron: