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What are the grossest American foods?

Mattermap door Emily McCall 29 november 2017

What are the grossest foods in America?

  • Olive Loaf

    • "What exactly is olive loaf? Well, it is a meat loaf -- made with a blend of meats, water, spices and olives -- and slow-baked in a long, loaf shape."
      Bill Daly Uncovering the Secrets of Olive Loaf Hartford Courant Bron: Uncovering the Secrets of Olive Loaf/Hartford Courant/Bill Daley 29/11/2017
    • "In the sense of a lunch meat, an olive loaf is made with finely ground beef or pork which is mixed with whole stuffed olives and compressed either into a loaf pan or into a sausage casing. If the loaf is packed in a loaf pan, it is baked and typically has a short shelf life. Olive loaves which are turned into sausages can be smoked or brined to create a cured lunch meat like bologna which can last for several months under the right conditions." ...»
      Staff Writer What is Olive Loaf? Wise Geek Bron: What is Olive Loaf?/WiseGeek 29/11/2017
    • "The olives are mixed into the meat and remain in place similar to how chocolate chips stay in cookies," said Sydney S. Lindner, a company spokesman. The meat-olive mix is then baked in a giant loaf pan, packaged, and sent out to supermarkets and delis." ...»
      Bill Daley Searching for answers to food mysteries Chicago Tribune Bron: Searching for answers to food mysteries/ Chicago Tribune/Bill Daley 29/11/2017
    • "The luncheon meat often also contains garlic, basil or sweet peppers for additional flavor. Olive loaf is a loaf-type luncheon meat, traditionally cooked in a loaf pan as opposed to a sausage cooked in a casing. Higher quality olive loaf is primarily beef and pork while less expensive olive loaf contains mostly chicken or turkey. Since most less expensive bologna is made from similar meats, and since many companies now cook olive loaf in sleeves to give it a round appearance, it is a common misconception that olive loaf is a sausage like bologna. Pimento loaf is similar to olive loaf, the primary difference being that it incorporates pickles in place of the olives" ...»
      Staff Writer Olive Loaf Revolvy Bron: Olive Loaf/Revolvy 29/11/2017
  • Chicken Gizzards

  • Scrapple

    • "A Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy mush, it's pork scraps and trimmings mixed with buckwheat, flour, cornmeal, and spices. You can chop it straight from a loaf and eat it solo or fry up a slice and stick it between some Wonder Bread. But should you? A scrapple a day keeps the doctor away. But that's just incidental, it also keeps everyone else in the world away. Because you smell like scrapple, man." ...»
      Thrillist Every State's Grossest Foods that People Actually Love Thrillist Bron: Thrillist 29/11/2017
    • " In case you’re not familiar with this particular abomination, here’s a brief description: it is mix of all the pig parts not good enough for a hot dog or sausage (such as the head, heart, and snout), chopped up and cooked down and then combined with seasonings, then molded into a big brick of grey meat. It is the only food that Guy Fieri was wary of eating." ...»
      The Empty Kitchen The most disgusting food. ever. The Empty Kitchen Bron: The Empty Kitchen/ 29/11/2017
    • "As with so many delicious meats, scrapple's existence came out of necessity: to use up every bit of meat, including the leftover broth from butchering and cooking a whole pig. If you wanted to re-brand scrapple as "bone-broth loaf," you could." ...»
      Jason Cohen Everything you need to know about scrapple Eater Bron: Everything you need to know about scrapple/ Eater/Jason Cohen 29/11/2017
    • "Invented as a way to use the leftover bits from a pig killed on butchering day, traditional scrapple is made with pork, cornmeal, and spices that are brewed together into a polenta-like mass, shaped into a loaf, sliced, and pan-fried until crispy." ...»
      Allison Steele From humble origins to trendy restaurants Bron: From humble origins to trendy restaurants/ Steele 29/11/2017
  • Rocky Mountain Oysters

    • "Despite the name, this dish is not comprised of shellfish. They are, in fact, bull testicles, and are considered a delicacy in ranching states such as Colorado, Montana, Idaho and Kansas. The testicles are usually removed when the bull is young and being branded. They are then washed, peeled, rolled in flour, seasoned with salt and pepper, and then pan fried. The testicles are either fried whole, cut into thin and wide slices, or marinated, and often topped with some hot sauce." ...»
      Jessica Spinelli 17 of the Weirdest Foods in America Bron: Spinelli/17 of the Weirdest Foods in America 29/11/2017
    • "Montanans don't flock to the annual Testicle Festival to feast on fried gonads just to be gross. They're actually a delicacy, and once you get past the fact that you're eating reproductive organs, they're surprisingly flavorful. They're basically kind of like sliced, fried meatballs. Except they used to produce bull semen." ...»
      Thrillist Every State's Grosses Food that People Actually Love Thrillist Bron: Every State's Grossest Food that People Actually Love/ Thrillist/ 29/11/2017
    • "What it is: Bull, sheep or pig testicles. It’s all fun and games until you find out that you’re eating an animal’s testicles."
      Faith Branch The Top 25 Weirdest Foods People Eat in the U.S. Spoon University Bron: The Top 25 Weirdest Foods People Eat in the U.S./Spoon University/Faith Branch 29/11/2017
    • "Known by a profusion of catchy euphemisms — Rocky Mountain oysters, prairie oysters, calf fries, huevos del toros (which is literally “bulls’ eggs” in Spanish), cowboy caviar, Montana tendergroins, and swinging beef, to name a few — bull testicles have been consumed by ranchers for centuries. It’s safe to say that the practice has, at turns, appalled and fascinated the uninitiated for about as long." ...»
      Anna O'Brien Tasty Testes:On Eating Rocky Mountain Oysters Modern Farmer Bron: Tasty Testes/Modern Farmer/Anna O'Brien 29/11/2017