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Greek life on college campuses

Mattermap door Rachel Greenwood 01 december 2017

Greek life on college campuses

  • Reasons for banning Greek life

    • In addition to the deaths, there have been a string of reports of other troubling incidents, including suspected cocaine trafficking, racist hazing of sorority women and anti-Semitic jokes
      The Editorial Board The Washington Post Bron: The Washington Post 26/11/2017
    • Some members have not been holding themselves to the “high standards” of the IFC. We believe that social events are a privilege, and we, as a community, have not earned this privilege at this time.
      Alec Mayhan IFC Vice President University of Michigan Bron: The Daily Pennsylvanian 26/11/2017
    • Garrett John Marcy, a Phi Delta Theta brother, was charged on Monday with the sale and trafficking of cocaine.
      Abby Jackson Business Insider Bron: Business Insider 07/11/2017
    • These incidents make it clear that fraternities and sororities promote a toxic and dangerous culture of binge drinking
      Mitchell Rock The Diamondback Bron: The Diamondback 12/11/2017
  • Schools that banned Greek life

    • Florida State University has indefinitely suspended all fraternities and sororities days after the death of a fraternity pledge who had attended a party
      Carma Hassan Eric Levenson Bron: CNN 07/11/2017
    • Texas State University has recently suspended all Greek life activities due to the death of Matthew Ellis, a pledge for Phi Kappa Psi. This comes on the heels of Greek life suspensions at Penn State and Florida State University. ...»
      Mason McKie Bron: Washington Examiner 21/11/2017
    • The University of Michigan, home to 36 NCAA championships and over 600,000 living alumni, became the most notable school in recent months to sanction Greek life, joining Ohio State, Texas State, Louisiana State, and Penn State universities. ...»
      Amanpreet Singh Bron: The Daily Pennsylvanian 26/11/2017
    • Penn State University: The university also tightened restrictions on Greek social activities and recruiting. It eventually moved monitoring and discipline of Greek organizations from an independent Interfraternity Council to the university. Beta Theta Pi is banned permanently from Penn State and more than two dozen Beta Theta Pi members face charges in Piazza's death. ...»
      Sean Rossman USA Today Bron: USA Today 22/11/2017
  • Reasons against banning Greek life

    • Fraternities can also be a source of income for schools.
      Kalhan Rosenblatt NBC News Bron: NBC News 19/11/2017
    • Supporters of Greek life argue that these organizations are a great way to make friends, support philanthropies and build professional skills.
      Mitchell Rock The Diamondback Bron: The Diamondback 07/11/2017
    • Fraternal communities usually have a well-defined inside structure. There is an order of hierarchy that offers each of their members a certain position within the organization. They hold democratic elections for presidents, vice presidents, chairpeople, and other representative positions. This means that each of the members has a chance to earn a high leadership position. It can teach them many great things about the administrative part of a community and how to maintain and even improve the well-being of a community. ...»
      Amanda Wilks Bron: College Raptor
    • Joining a Greek organization puts you in the same letters as hundreds on your campus and thousands in the country — this is a great way to keep yourself accountable for your behavior and grades.
      Serria Thomas USA Today College Bron: USA Today College 15/08/2015
  • Aftermath of Greek life being banned on campuses

    • There will be a reinstatement of the Neighborhood Enforcement Alcohol Team (NEAT), which is a collaborative program between both the Penn State and State College police departments to enhance safety and security in the downtown State College neighborhoods, according to the release. ...»
      Andrew Kalmowitz Daily Collegian Bron: Daily Collegian 21/08/2017
    • Lesser punishments of varying degrees have also been attempted. Administrators have limited or removed alcohol from Greek events, or they’ve discontinued the pledging process. Often, the drinking and recruitment have continued but shifted underground. ...»
      Jeremy Bauer-Wolf Inside HigherEd Bron: Inside HigherEd 20/11/2017
    • The Penn State Interfraternity Council responded to Barron’s letter in an open letter of their own, criticizing the university’s president for not communicating directly with them.
      Esha Indani The Daily Pennsylvanian Bron: The Daily Pennsylvanian 18/04/2017
    • A ban on alcohol has also been issued at all Recognized Student Organization events during the interim suspension.
      Byron Dobson USA Today Bron: USA Today 06/11/2017