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Dutch political parties on the EU

Mattermap door Instituut Clingendael 10 maart 2017

Dutch political parties on the EU

  • Leaving the EU

    • PVV wants an exit from the EU
      PVV (Party for Freedom) Bron:
    • The EU is a mistake according to Forum for Democracy. The party wants three referendums: on the EU's open borders, the euro and EU membership. It aspires a Nexit with a transition in the European Economic Area first. ...»
      Forum voor Democratie Bron:
  • A more intergovernmental EU

    • VNL wishes an European Economic Community with the Commission's mandate limited to economic cooperation and the internal market. The European Parliament should be abolished.
      VNL (For the Netherlands) Bron:
    • The SP aspires European cooperation with member states by abolishing the Commission as a political body. The party proposes a double mandate for national parliamentarians in order to take seat in the European parliament. ...»
      SP (Socialist Party) Bron:
    • CU proposes that the right of initiative by the Commission is limited to the customs union, competition, international trade and monetary policy. In other areas permission is needed from the Council and European Parliament. An EU proposal can be vetoed (red card) by 50% of the national parliaments in the EU. ...»
      CU (Christian Union) Bron:
    • According to the SGP the Commission should be transformed into a technocratic body in service of the European Council and Council of Ministers. The European Parliament should be a consultative assembly and national parliaments should be able to veto EU legislation. ...»
      SGP (Reformed Political Party) Bron:
  • An EU focusing on 'main tasks'

    • VVD supports the EU but wants a focus on main tasks as the internal market, international trade, migration, energy and climate. A common foreign and defense policy is desirable whenever there is an added European value. ...»
      VVD (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy) Bron:
    • PvdA supports the EU with a focus on employment, tax evasion, a common European migration and asylum policy, sustainability and the Energy Union, completion of the Banking Union and better safeguards for protecting the rule of law in member states. ...»
      Partij van de Arbeid (Labour Party) Bron:
    • CDA supports the EU but desires a focus on the following main tasks: security, including more European defense cooperation, climate, energy, migration policy and economic and monetary stability.
      CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal) Bron:
    • DENK supports the EU but wants a revision towards main tasks; an EU that does more with less. (It does demand more rights for the European Parliament however).
      DENK (Think or Equality) Bron:
    • According to 50PLUS the EU has three main tasks: economic and monetary policy, environmental and energy policy and border policy (security, defense and foreign policy). (It wants to cut the European Parliament in half however). ...»
      50PLUS Bron:
    • Party for the Animals does not want to transfer new competencies to the EU. No new EU trading or association agreements should be signed. If so, it should be done through a binding referendum. The EU should focus on tax evasion and burden sharing of refugees. (The party wants the ESM to stop but supports common EU emergency funds on the other hand). ...»
      Partij voor de Dieren (Party for the Animals) Bron:
  • Further European integration

    • In the long run D66 aims for a federal Europe with European electoral lists, a stronger mandate for the European Parliament and the Commission, and a democratic senate that will replace the Council with a chosen president. The party wants an own EU budget, a European minister of foreign affairs, a European Commissioner for an EU migration and asylum policy and a European army. ...»
      D66 (Democrats 66) Bron:
    • GroenLinks wants less national veto's and a stronger European Parliament that has a right of initiative. The party wants a European Monetary Fund, Eurobonds, European tax (evasion)policies, European asylum and migration policy, European foreign policy and a European defense force. ...»
      GroenLinks (Green Left) Bron: