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The debate on the EU and Ukraine in the Netherlands

Mattermap door Instituut Clingendael 11 maart 2016

What are the arguments of both camps in the debate on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in the Netherlands?

  • The 'No' Camp in Dutch politics

    • In our view, first the democratic rule of law should be restored in Ukraine before further cooperation can be a serious option.
      Harry van Bommel Member of Parliament SP Bron: Website SP 07/01/2016
    • Dutch citizens will be crowded out of the labour market by even more migrant workers. Our welfare state will come under even greater pressure. And even more of our hard-earned wealth and prosperity will be transferred towards the edges of Europe. ...»
      Harm Beertema Member of Parliament PVV (nationalists) Bron: Website PVV 02/04/2015
    • In the production of goods, Ukraine is structurally disregarding human rights, animal welfare and environmental rules. So, by allowing Ukrainian products to enter its market, Europe is partly to blame for violating human and animal rights. ...»
      Partij voor de Dieren (animal welfare party) Bron: Website PvdD 12/02/2016
  • The 'Yes' Camp in Dutch politics

    • The cooperation agreement will give the Netherlands better access to the Ukrainian market. Also, Ukraine is carrying through a large number of reforms. It thus aims to establish a prosperous, stable state based on the rule of law and with a modern economy. ...»
      The coalition government of VVD (liberals) and PvdA (social democrats) Bron: Website Rijksoverheid
    • If we vote against it, a large part of the free trade will go ahead anyway, but without the insurance policy. If we vote in favour, we will get both, plus the additional advantage of taking another step in further helping to stabilise the edges of the EU. ...»
      Han ten Broeke Member of Parliament VVD (liberals) Bron: Liber (pdf)
    • It is an important tool to stimulate trade with Ukraine. The EU will moreover help the country fight corruption and build a stable rule of law. It is a way of building and securing peace on that external border of the EU. ...»
      CDA (christian democrats) Bron: Website CDA
    • The agreement will help Ukraine to combat poverty, corruption and lawlessness. Also, it will be easier and cheaper for businesses to import and export products from and to Ukraine. Cooperation is thus conducive to their and our prosperity. ...»
      GroenLinks (the green party) Bron: Website GroenLinks
    • A safe and democratic Ukraine is in the interest of our peace; we do not want to reward Putin for his attempts to thwart this agreement and divide Ukraine; and employees and businesses benefit from trade without bureaucratic barriers. ...»
      Marit Maij Member of Parliament PvdA (social democrats) Bron: Website PvdA
    • Cooperation with Ukraine is good for trade and will bring more economic and political stability to Europe’s external borders. It is moreover important for the people in the country itself.
      D66 (social liberals) Bron: Website D66
  • The 'Yes' Camp in Dutch society

    • The agreement can contribute to greater stability in Ukraine and will also offer the EU and Ukraine prospects economically speaking.
      VNO-NCW Bron: Opinieblad Forum 28/01/2016
    • This agreement will contribute to stability on our external borders, offer new opportunities for our businesses, and promote human rights. With this agreement Ukraine is taking a step forward, which is also in our interest. ...»
      Stem Voor Bron: Website Stem Voor
  • The 'No' Camp in Dutch society

    • It is a fight between idealists and realists, between citizens and government, and between power-hungry mainstream media and Dutch common sense which sees right through such PC propaganda.
      Bert Nijman GeenStijl (No Style) Bron: Website GeenStijl 19/02/2016
    • We are not against aid, not against cooperation. But without political, financial and military obligations. Moreover, the democratic influence of Ukrainian citizens would be reduced to practically zero because of the mandatory introduction of legislation. ...»
      Burgercomité EU (Citizens’ Committee EU) Bron: Website Burgercomité EU 09/03/2016
    • Who will have to pick up the tab if the country, due to deteriorated relations with Russia, finds itself in an overall economic and energy crisis? We will.
      Forum for Democracy Bron: de Volkskrant 07/01/2016